How to Plan a Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

Today – How to Plan a Bedroom Makeover on a Budget


How to Plan a Bedroom Makeover on a Budget



How to Plan a Bedroom Makeover on a Budget – 3 steps to success

I am really into redesigning our bedroom but as with everything we do since having kids I have to keep a strict budget in mind. I can’t show you a complete picture but here’s a tiny bit of our bedroom disaster zone.

Needless to say we have boxes that need sorting and going to the loft. A curtain pole that has come down leaving hole in the wall that need plastering or filling. There are trailing wires,  a broken lamp and loads of things stored under the bed that are now poking out the sides there is so much.

Step 1. Decluttering.

I have to head upstairs with several bin liners and be ruthless.  I need to get rid of anything broken. I need to bag stuff up for charity shops such as sheets and blanket we don’t actually need. At the last count we had 5 double duvets. No one needs that many! I am sure our local homeless shelter will be delighted to receive a few.

I also need to take a few boxes up with labels on and stuff for storage literally has to go up the loft. No more dilly dallying on my part!

Step 2. Come up with a plan.

For my birthday my husband bought me this gorgeous Cath Kidston home design book. It has a page for each room in the house and the idea is you list the jobs to be done in each  room and come up with ideas for how you would like it to look.


Cath Kidston Home Ideas Journal: A Style Sourcebook and Ideas Organiser (Cath Kidston Stationery Collec)


I have 5 words that conjure the mood of the room as I would like it to be. I would like it to be simple and quiet, earthy serene and airy. (getting rid of the little telly is high on my agenda)

Step 3  Come up with a budget.

Always an important aspect of any budget makeover is to know what you have to spend . So I need to sit down and work this out. I think its going to be under £300 which has to include a new bed!

Step 4. Have a good look around before I buy

I need to have a good look around the shops and online before I buy anything and keep in mind three key factors:


1. Our needs (storage and a new bed)

2. Our budget (bunder £300 max)

3, My keywords


I like this bed,  it is a storage bed and it costs £169 ( It currently has £140 discount!)

We don’t need a new mattress so the frame would be fine. A bargain I think. I found this at Bedroom World do visit the website if you are interested in a a new bed, they have a huge range of beds on offer.

It totally  fits with the earthy colours I would choose.

I would also perhaps go for pure white sheets and duvet and an earthy coloured throw? I ‘d paint the (yukky lilac)  walls  bright white and purchase small wooden based lamps. and I would perhaps head out for some pure white sheets. I think I could probably get these from a supermarket actually.(I’m so designer aren’t I!)

A big mirror would really help the serene and airy elements but they can be pricey. I have often seen mirrors at the auction  maybe I could get one from there and distress it myself and paint the surround white? I do like the ideas  of fairly light s in a glass vase something I have already. I think I may have planned up to my budget

What do you think. Anything else I could do within my budget? Any serene or earthy bedroom makeover ideas?


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  1. September 22, 2012 / 10:58 pm

    The bed is very cool. I love symmetry in a bedroom, with 2 matching bedside tables and lamps. I think it would set your bed of nicely.

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