How to make a garden family-friendly

Are you wondering how to make a garden family-friendly?

It could be that your little one has started toddling about and you just know they are going to be off exploring the garden any minute. Perhaps you have just moved to a new home and taking in the garden you realise it might not be quite ready for your kids?

Gardens can be full of hazards for children. It is important to risk assess first then to put in the effort to make a garden family-friendly before it becomes a natural playroom for your child.



How to make a garden family-friendly

Here are 5 things you need to do to ensure your garden is a safe and pleasant environment for your child:


Check the perimeters

Little kids do love to explore and so you need to check your fences and gates are secure. It is not just about keeping them in though you also want to be sure that your child is safe from trespassers in the garden whether the human or animal variety!  This has to be your first port of call.


Watch out for trees!

You do need to take a good look at the trees in your garden and assess how safe they are.

It may be that you need to pull on your men’s logger boots (or women’s of course!) and set to work chopping off a few badly positioned branches. You may even decide the whole tree looks a bit shaky and call in the professionals to take them down. Little kids just love to climb trees but they really can be hazardous so do check them over.


Assess your plants

Some plants are poisonous and it is is a very good idea to know which ones you should keep away from kids

The list of plants/flowers you should keep away from young children include:



  • Foxgloves
  • Lily of the valley
  • Hyacinth
  • Poinsettia
  • Iris
  • Morning Glory
  • Nettles
  • Ivy
  • Horse chestnuts
  • Berries

Some are skin irritants/ some cause nausea if ingested (yes, kids do eat the strangest things) so do be aware of what you have in your garden. D o your research and do teach your kids NOT to eat things they find in the garden no matter how pretty/tasty they look.



It may be unpleasant but please check your garden for old dog and cat poo. Not only can it be really dangerous if inadvertently ingested but you also do not want it on their clothes/hair/hands/feet or being bought into your home.


Spiky Stuff

Thorns and thistles can hurt so bad if little hands grab hold of them but they can be even more dangerous if they scratch their eyes. Check your garden thoroughly for sharp stuff and get it gone. Be aware of old wood piles too that might be hiding rusty nails.


Once you have all this stuff cleared up and away then your garden can become the most glorious place to play. It takes a little effort to make a garden family-friendly but the huge benefits of gardening/nature play and fresh air for kids far outweigh the effort that goes into making it a safe place.


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