Amtico Lords Over Your Kitchen

No doubt the most overused and heavy duty room in the home is the kitchen area, from early morning breakfasts to cooking meals at night.

This results in a lot of abuse from spilled drinks and food, to stains and scratches over time. With that mentality in mind, it makes it the perfect host to the most durable and reliable flooring option in luxury vinyl flooring, or LVT as it is most commonly known.

When looking at luxury vinyl for your home, one brand is going to stand out in search results over others and that brand is known as Amtico.



Seeing as your kitchen is going to command the very best in flooring due to it being the epicentre of every home, Amtico LVT flooring brings a stylish vibrancy as well as a longer lasting lifespan to truly be tested against spillages, nights entertaining guests and those cosy nights in.

Amtico is held in high regard for its extensive range that is a perfect replacement for real wood or stone based flooring. It’s also the most naturally warm. Many a night you experience a cold kitchen floor if you need to get up in the night, but with Amtico’s ability to retain a well regulated temperature you get comfort and warmth that won’t get you feeling the night chills. Even if you require extra warmth, Amtico is the number one companion for underfloor heating which gives you the ultimate in cosiness.

Among the top selling points for Amtico is undoubtedly its simpleness to keep clean. With your kitchen being the number one target for crumbs, spills and dirt from outside, your workload is dramatically reduced with the ease of effort on your floor.



With the real flooring you no doubt require special treatments to remove tough stains from sauces and such, but Amtico’s extensive research into design literally requires a sweep, vac and occasional mop top retain its original feel and glow.

When it comes to practical functionality mixed with versatility, Amtico provides in spades. Kitchen floors don’t need to be lifeless and dull, you can have it with as much character as you feel with ranges of stunning finishes which provide sparkle along with rich tones and effects. The uniqueness of your floor brings creative design and individual style to the forefront to empower your kitchen with a wow factor, so the food you make is not the only thing to die for.

Ranges such as the Amtico Spacia provide your kitchen with lifetime warranty, one of the longest warranties for flooring on the market today which speaks incredible volumes about the product and its confidence in bringing your home to the level of perfection.

Whatever tastes change in your food, you’ll never have to worry about a change in your floor with Amtico.


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