Ten top tips for a good nights sleep for parents

Sleeping well helps you cope with all of life’s worries and stresses. It helps  you feel refreshed and calm and helps you focus. Parents of little ones often have their sleep disturbed by waking babies, night feeds, crying, worries about waking babies, worries about life and so on. Bad sleep can become a bad habit. I used to be a light disturbed sleeper after breastfeeding for nearly four years in a row two teeny tiny babies who could only last a few hours between feeds. I now sleep 11-6 soundly every night.

Here are my top tips  that I find aid a good nights sleep.

  1. Make sure you have had a good doese of daylight and fresh air
  2. Try and do some exercise during the day too so your body as well as your mind is tired
  3. Have a lavender bath
  4. Get your worries out (either by writing a journal, saying your prayers or telling your partner! )
  5. Make sure you room has been aired but is warm enough too
  6. Know your alarm clock is on
  7. Don’t eat too near bedtime
  8. Get earplugs if your partner snores
  9. Check out memory foam mattresses they are fab!
  10. Try and go to bed at the same time each night,  have a routine around bedtime


I hope these ideas have helped and I do hope you sleep well tonight.






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