Balancing your work and family time

Balancing your work and family time

Guest Post – Balancing your work and family time

Trying to achieve a balance between career and family time is a day-to-day process of juggling responsibilities at work with the needs of family members at home. The balance between the two changes constantly and the key to succeeding is to take a step back periodically, in order to analyse how things are and decide what, if any, changes need to be made. The most important thing is to find ways to achieve and maintain a balance that works best for the individual family and situation.


Tips for balancing work and family time

There are almost as many different ways to help achieve balance and harmony between the work and home environments as there are families. However, here are a few suggestions that may encourage and foster a good balance between the two worlds.

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Organisation is often the first casualty of a working home. Organising not only the home and work environment, but also taking the time to decide what tasks need to be completed each day and when, should eliminate much of the frustration that results from leaving them unfinished. It will also ensure that time for the family is set aside every day, even if it has to be scheduled.

Balance in the home and at work also relies on making sure that everyone does his or her share of the chores.  Learning how to delegate effectively will free up more time for family. Children, in particular, will benefit from having jobs that they are responsible for around the house. Offering positive reinforcement and non-monetary incentives will teach the important concept that well-done work yields just rewards for the individual concerned.

Being flexible about the day’s structure and what does and does not get done will also reduce stress. It is difficult to be focused and balanced when stress is involved, so finding ways to alleviate it or prevent it from occurring is always a bonus.

Busy work and home lives mean that finding time for quiet and solitude is extremely difficult. A little personal or ‘me’ time is very important, however and everyone needs to enjoy a period of quality time, even if only for an hour, when they can rest, relax and recharge.

Finding help to balance work and home life

Small business owners may find achieving the correct balance between home and family and what goes on at work difficult. For many, the stresses of running a business and handling finances on such a large scale leaves little time for anything else. Issues such as handling payroll, taxes and debts can occupy enormous amounts of time and are often extremely stressful.

One way to overcome this problem, which many small business owners have embraced, is to employ the services of an umbrella company. An umbrella company functions on behalf of the business owner, taking over the responsibility of dealing with financial and accounting issues, such as calculating and handling the distribution of pay checks, deducting the correct amount of tax and seeing to it that the appropriate agencies are paid. In addition the company will chase creditors for money owing and pay outstanding debts to suppliers.

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