I Have Rediscovered Clarks Shoes

We don’t go to zoos, eat meat or fish or gelatine etc. and we don’t wear leather.  Not always easy for little kids but mine understand and accept his for now. I take veg friendly sweets in my pockets to parties and I spend HOURS buying shoes.

We have to send to New York and sometimes Russia for my daughters ballet shoes. Sometimes I have to buy school shoes every half term from the supermarkets because being man-made they don’t last. Sometimes we have to spend a fortune on great quality vegetarian boots for my husband. Mainly though cheap shoe shops are where I am most likely to find shoes we can wear.

Other mums would talk of going to Clarks for their kids shoes and I would feel I was doing my kids a disservice somehow. (Please don’t worry I got tons of advice a bout this and their feet are super healthy and breathe a lot :-)) Kids don’t have to wear leather at all. Clarks is a bit of an instituition though and I was quite sad to write it off.

But tonight well I have had a little revelation. Some f their shoes are actually synthetic. They look  super nice and I bet they are fabulous quality too.




I need to hop over to MyVoucherCodes and have a good browse through their voucher codes . All I need is  a  Clarks discount code and those princess sparklies can come and live it at our house all ready for the party season.

A  little part of me will feel a bit better for having bought some quality shoes from Clarks.



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