Teksta the robotic puppy does a space jump (video)

Teksta is going to be the toy this Christmas.

It is a robotic puppy that responds to voice, touch, and hand gestures all without the use of a remote control. New owners will be delighted in teaching their new four legged friend to sit, walk and even turn tricks such as his amazing  back flip. You can also stop Teksta walking just by simply putting your hand in front of his face.

The Teksta App will allow him to tap his paws to any beat, just choose a song from your music library and watch Teksta bop, pop, street dance and hip-hop. Then when he feels like being social, he can video link with other Teksta friends wherever they are. Simply pop him in frony of the Teksta-time link on any tablet and watch them barking together and synchronising their Teksta Moves!

Teksta comes in  Pink and Blue

Would you like to see Tekstra doing a space jump?

·         Teksta went up to an altitude of 97,000ft before returning to earth by Parachute

·         He endured temperatures as low as -61 Celsius

·         The Air pressure was 0.406lbs/sq ft

Take a look

teksta the robotic puppy


Teksta the Robotic Puppy   can be purchased form Amazon and all good toy stores


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