How to cut energy use

In the UK E.ON is committed to ensuring that customers have all the information they need when it comes to improving their energy efficiency.

Money is increasingly tight. The cold months and Christmas loom. Everybody is looking for ways to cut back their household spending and their  with a strong focus on power and heating.

When it comes to energy consumption it’s not just our pockets we have to worry about of course we also have to consider our impact on the environment.

Any reduction we can make in our energy use at home helps reduce our carbon footprints and as parents that has to be a real concern. In a family home, you may think this is difficult to organise with all the other demands on your time but it really is simpler than you could imagine.

The most obvious way to reduce your gas and electricity bills is to cut down your use. Some good advice from E.ON can go a long way towards reducing energy consumption.

If you check online you will find plenty of advice and information aimed at helping you make the most of your potential savings. There is even a comparison tool, which means you can compare your consumption in relation to your local area, seeing whether you are equalling or bettering your neighbours when it comes to saving energy. Hopefully it will make you competitive and strive to do a little more! (You do have to sign up to manage your account online to use this)



 There are many government initiatives aimed at helping households to reduce carbon emissions and these are popular because most people are genuinely concerned with the environmental impact of their energy use.

 E.ON is part of the government initiative Green Deal which helps people afford home improvements that make their property more energy efficient. For example, if you are getting a new boiler they can help by spreading the costs over the energy bills rather than one expensive outlay

 They also have the capacity to take into account how much energy will be saved so your bills themselves don’t increase in cost even when the loan repayments are added to them. Now that is cool!

 E.ON has a helpful new campaign to show you how you can use no more energy than you really need. The essential message they are getting across is just don’t use any more than you need. Could you wash less? Turn your appliances off standby? Line dry more? Use the slow cooker? Small, easy changes.

how to cut energy use


Another way to make sure that you are not using gas or electricity supplies wastefully is to make sure your electrical appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers have a good energy efficiency rating. Do check out the E.ON campaign they offer some great advice on how to cut energy use.

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