Rewilding – what is it all about?

Lucy AitkenRead (author and blogger at Lulastic) is a woman who lives as she believes. She inspires others through her writing and by her example. I think she is pretty fantastic actually.

She has just published her latest book and I have had the pleasure of reading it.

30 Days of Rewilding: Find your place in nature and watch your family bloom

I just loved Rewilding.

It made my heart soar and filled me with ideas for family adventures. The book consists of thirty  short  chapters,  designed so they can be ready one a day by busy parents! But they do stand alone, so you can just dip in where you like.

Within each chapter Lucy shares stories of people motivated, energised, healed and renewed by nature. The aim of her book is to make that your families experience too – a reconnecting with the earth.

We are blessed in our natural world with absolute treasure that we pretty much ignore day to day. This book is about seeing and experiencing them afresh, together.

30 days of rewilding Iris Murdoch

One of my favourite bits of the book is where Lucy advocates getting dirty …she talks about a mud pie festival she attended, the scientific benefits of getting muddy and lots of tips for getting the kids out in the garden and mucky!

It’s a lovely book both practical and soul  stirring and I will be trialling some of her idea on my new blog  Emotionally Healthy Kids over the coming months.

I would highly recommend this book. At the moment it is an absolute bargain £2.59 on Kindle so snap it up quick and get 30 days of Rewilding!

If you aren’t on kindle you can download the book as a simple PDF here


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