How to declutter your wardrobe

How to declutter your wardrobe

On average every UK female only wears 70% of their wardrobe. With an average of 144 items of clothing per wardrobe that equates to 43 unworn items!

43 unworn items would free up so much space wouldn’t it!



How to declutter your wardrobe

How to declutter your wardrobe


So what would you do with these spare clothes?

One solution would be to pass your spare clothes to friends who they may well fit and suit better than you. Only pass on what you think they might really like though, they won’t want a pile of stuff to sort through!

Or you might want to make a delivery to a charity shop,they would be so grateful for your  donation.

Alternatively how about popping any clothes that are bit worn down into a clothes recycling bank? It’s great to think they will make a new life. Or if you are an early riser how about a clothing car boot sale?

there is always the option of ebay if you think the clothes are in good enough condition and may sell well?


Looking after those you keep

Bedroom storage maker sell brilliant clothes storage and it is a really good idea to have you clothes well organised. Good storage not only keeps them in nice condition it also keeps them visible and means you are more likely to wear your clothes (all of them, rather than just the top few)

Making the most of all your space means ironed clothes stay looking ironed

white storage

So come on, time on, bin bags at the ready …let’s declutter!



How to declutter your wardrobe is a Collaborative post. you might also like my post on where to start decluttering


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