My first Spa – science for kids

I  have to be honest and admit I am a little scared of science. I was always bodging experiments in Chemistry, getting completely lost in physics and  refusing to chop things up in biology. I sighed with relief when those school days were past. I do a lot of art and crafts and writing and play with my children but science? I have rather avoided it.

my first spa

Then I was sent the My First Spa kit to review from Science4you and I opened it with some trepidation fully expecting it to be uber complicated and a bit scary.


Making soap

Not at all.

It is an utterly fabulous kit packed with really do-able and fun experiments and a whole lot of play and learning.

My daughter and I got stuck in immediately and within the hour we had made lip balm, massage oil and even a fancy soap. We were hugely proud and  it was a lovely way to spend some time together.


Annalise showed everyone her soap and was delighted to gift it to her 95 years old great grandma who she adores.

We used the little booklet that came with the set to read up on the science and everything was explained so simply I got a bit of an eduction too. The booklets within each set are linked to the UK science curriculum, meaning that you can support and supplement a child’s learning at school with Science4You products.


Making lip scrub

My daughter is 8 and has a curious mind and enthusiastic attitude and I love that we shared some science together.

I found it accessible and fun and we have lots and lots more spa items to make  …one kit gives you many play and learning opportunities. There are 21 experiments and makes in all in this kit. We are making bath salts and exfoliatior next!


making fragranced massage oil

I would definitely buy more kits form the range at science4you.

They each retail at £19.99 and in the range there are:
Slimy Factory – Make your own bouncy ball
Perfume Factory – Design your own perfume
Candle Factory – Make your own candles
Soap Factory – Make your own soaps

I think these make top creative gift ideas and are great value for money. As well as being scientific and educational toys I think it is wonderful that there are usable end products and that these are kits families can do together.


You can purchase my first spa Science4 You My First Spa from Amazon



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