How to help reduce your allergies

How to help reduce your allergies

Did you know that the temperature at which you keep your homes has a direct impact on the allergens which breed within it…..this infographic is enlightening!

I know I am very lucky I dont have any allergies but i know many people who do and they can really suffer. Just turning down their heating can help a great deal. Such a simple thing but highly effective. Often the best solutions are just really simple I find.

Isn’t it just great to know you can improve any allergy situations and reduce heating bills at the same time.. You don’t want either of them to be high. Both will leave you feeling uncomfortable and hare highly unpleasant. here how to address 2 needs with one deed!

The other way to express it is kill two birds with one stone but oh I just hate that violent expression!


reduce your allergies

Do you control the heating in your rooms separately. I have to say we don’t and are probably wasting a lot of money by not doing so. Zoning is definitely something we need to look into. We also don’t have a thermostat fitted. Eek we aren’t doing very well are we!


How do you stand against allergens and ho w is your temperature control.

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  1. Aimee Joseph
    September 18, 2013 / 11:16 am

    Great info-graphic! Pinned on Pinterest.

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