Review: Pinkie Cooper

Pinkie Cooper

My 6 year old daughter has fallen in love with rather a bizarre dog/fashion doll ( I think it is bizarre she thinks it is VERY cool.)

Here is Pinkie Cooper

Pinkie Cooper


and here are her 2 best pals

Ginger Jones and

Pepper Parsons


So who is Pinkie?

Pinkie Cooper is a fashion student at the World Of Original Fashion (WOOF!) in NYC. She is a jet-setting fashionista who travels around the world attending runway shows to find inspiration for her designs. She is a glamorous socialite who is always seen at the most exclusive hot spots with her friends.


Not only were we sent the fabulous Pinkie we were sent her gorgeous dog Sprinkles too

Sprinkles (£9.99) came with

  • Interchangeable earstyles for added play value
  • Sparkly outfit and hair accessories
  • Dog bowl ‘throne’ and tiara
  • Suitable for ages 4 and above


Lots more outfits other dogs and a styling case and extra outfits are also available in this range, and I do think they will make the Christmas wishlist. She’s had a lot of fun changing round hair and clothes already a few more bits and bobs would really up the fun!

Dolls available from Amazon




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