Ten Top Tips on Taking Care of your Home

simplify taking care of your home

Are you looking around at a messy playroom or last nights supper plates and thinking what a complete disaster your home is?  Don’t despair it’s probably just the monday blues. There are some very simple ways to show your home love and care that are speedy, far reaching and look good too. If you do just one a day for the next 10 days you will have a much more loved home, I guarantee it.

Ten top tips

1. Declutter. Get 2 bin liners and set the timer on your watch for 30 minutes. I bag is for charity 1 is for rubbish. Try and fill them in the time allocated. A cup of tea and 2 biscuits await you on the other side…Go!

2. Bag up the cuddly toys and your cushion covers and put them through the laundry. Open your windows and buy a lightly scented plug in. Throw out all old and smelly shoes. Your home will smell so much fresher.

3. Check your home insurance policy and make sure you are well covered for all the things in you home and outbuildings that you cherish. Whilst you are at it make sure you have the most cost effective deal too. If you are worried about the cost of switching be aware there are options such  AA home insurance that will  refund up to £25 for buildings cover and £25 for contents cover if your current insurer charges you to make a change. Cherish what you have.

4. Get in great cleaning products, so stains can be blasted as soon as they are made.

taking care of your home

5. Get a great handy person on side for all those little fixer jobs you struggle with, so flat packs are well assembled and broken things are fixed swiftly before they are irreparable. Prevention is always the best course when taking care of your home.

6. Saying goodnight. In order to keep   a home lovely on a daily basis you have to put it to bed e.g as you say good night to each room you  remove from it what shouldn’t be there and put it away e.g a glass a toys a book. Then you would close the room up for the night  (Tip inspired by Banish Clutter Forever : Sheila Chandra)

7. House rules, no shoes anywhere except the hall,  food for kids only in the kitchen or garden, no drinks in bedrooms except water, school bags always stored away and packed lunch boxes into the  kitchen as soon as the kids are in from school. Rules create habits and habits create a lovely home.

8. Routine. I routinely brush my teeth and  bet you do too. I also routinely loads the wash machine as I wait for the kettle to boil for my first coffee every day. Whilst my coffee cools I unload the dishwasher from the night before. This is my routine every morning. because its a routine I do it…it doesn’t bother me I don’t think about it and the jobs always get done. Get into a routine with your housework in order to easily keep on top of it.

9. Don’t forget to regularly clean the windows and sparkle your mirrors. It  makes such a  difference as sunshine streams in.

10. Last but not least think of your home like your body if you put a load of junk in its not going to work too well for you. Think about what you are going to place in it and get rid of stuff that just isn’t working.


According to Wikipedia in the US a person who isn’t employed outside the home and who keeps it is called a homemaker…so much better than a housewife II think!







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