Review: Morrisons Cakes and Confectionery

Morrisons cakes and confectionery…!

Morrisons have some new cakes to add to their cake range and a new confectionery range out and  asked if I would like to sample some. Er…I didn’t really need to think about the answer to that one!

morrisons cakes


We were sent the chocolate eclairs, giant strawberries and flying saucers to review.Luckily for us these were all suitable for vegetarians. I have to say straight off the eclairs were completely delicious BETTER than Cadbury’s in my opinion so choclately! I devoured them. The kids loved the giant strawberries and the flying saucers they thought were a  bit odd but munched anyway. How lovely to see these retro sweets back on the shelves took me right back!


Morrisons cakes

Well with 65 new and improved Morrisons cakes on offer we were lucky enough to review some. We tried scrumptious chocolate brownies which the kids wolfed down as well as the raspberry and cream cake (sooooooooooo good.)  My husband loved the cherry tarts and we had some choc chip ones too.

All yummy, great quality, fresh and comforting as only cake can be.

A lovely range from Morrisons inexpensive and super tasty!


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  1. September 19, 2013 / 4:00 pm

    They’re irresistible and there’s so much choice too Becky.

    I like to teach the kids how to make simple cakes themselves. You can get cake mixes that have all the ingredients but it’s even better if you measure everything out yourself.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


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