Personalising a desk on a small budget #Mydeskstory

Ah, let me tell you how I went about personalising a desk on a small budget.


Leaving behind the kitchen table

I work at home in the kitchen or conservatory and at times of no desk, I was relegated to the kitchen table. I would find jam stick to my laptop, piles of kids homework eeking into my piles of paperwork and then the kids would want me to move o they could craft or play a game. It was not conducive at all to my working!


Choosing a desk

Eventually, I know knew I just had to have my own desk. I had a really flimsy one to start with that rocked and made me feel nervous all the time! Then I had a hand me down, always a thrifty option but it was ugly. It was made from a dark, dark wood that just did not go into my kitchen design at all.  If you are looking for a nice quality and affordable desk do take a look at the Office Desks by Furniture At Work they have a really wide variety of shapes and colours and styles at good prices. It is worth investing in a desk you love. You will spend so much time at it, it really does need to work for you.

Personalising a desk on a small budget

Here is my desk – it is constantly changing but I am so happy with it now.


I like to give my desk little makeovers every now and again to keep it looking fresha nd a plaeasnat place to work. I do this by

  • Having a plant or lovely bunch pf flowers on my desk
  • Rotating  one of many notebooks
  • Having lovely stationery which I update regularly ( I like to go to cheap shops like Flying Tiger os Sostrene Grene)
  • I change my secreen too to add to the fun!
  • I always have a nice light on or nearby my desk to add some extra light to brighten it up!
  • Do you see the cute pencil tin? My daughter made that for me. I do like something really personal and homemade on my desk too.


What I do at my desk all day

My desk jobs can be really dull I can be doing my spending my morning patiently logged into working out my accounts one of those necessary but rather dull jobs. Alternately, I might be trying to work my way down my shopping list and checking to see when Smyth’s toy shops shut so I can collect what I have ordered in time!

My desk is a big part of my life in so many different ways. It is really important I love it and it works for me.


Happy at work

I am really happy with my current desk set up …but like I say, to keep me interested I do like to accessorise and change my accessories regularly. Such a small cost do so but it really does make a big difference


Personalising a desk on a small budget is a collaborative post


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  1. January 27, 2019 / 2:17 pm

    I love your tidy desk and how you look into the garden! I really must tidy mine a bit.

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