10 ways to keep warm in winter (without turning the heating on) #TipsToKeepWarm

Today I have 10 ways to keep warm in winter to share with you. I hope you find this a helpful post and I hope you can share your own tips in the comments below. I am a big believer in sharing the thrifty love.

I have so much experience of trying to keep warm in winter without turning the heating on. For a long time when I was a student and then when I was in my first job, my income was very low. I tried everything could do to keep warm in winter.

Times are easier now but I still need to keep bills as low as I can so I still implement all of the ways to keep warm in winter that I learned back then.  I thought you might be interested too in what I learned along the way


10 ways to keep warm in winter

10 ways to keep warm in winter


Layered clothing

Layering clothes is a really smart move when it is chilly as it traps heat in the layers and really helps you keep cosy.  Chums sell a range of underwear including knitted underwear that will start any layering of right. I even sometimes wear tights and still put on a pair of socks. Just takes a moment yet you feel so much warmer.


Warm  Clothing

Warm clothing is a must. The times my kids sit in t-shirts and ask me to put the heating on. I insist they get on thicker socks and their bigger jumpers first before they even consider that an option! Warm clothes were made for cold days, indoors and out, and it is such a simple but effective tip to put on our warmest clothes rather than the heating.


Hot drinks

A hot choc or cup of tea will help you defrost when you come in from the cold and warm you through quickly. You don’t need to reach straight for the fire.


Hot food

Hot food will also help you warm through. I love comfort foods when I am cold, A veggie cottage pie, a proper Sunday dinner, hot tomato soup  all warm you up


Cosy throws

Cosy throws on the sofa not only look lovely but also enable you to snuggle up whilst watching TV without worrying about putting on the heating.



Cuddles with your dog, cat, kids or other half will also warm you through ( and make you smile too.)


A hot bath

Guaranteed to make me feel relaxed as well as thoroughly warmed up,  I love a hot bath on a cold day.

Thick blankets

A thick blanket or hot water bottle (or both) will make sure you are snug as a bug in your bed and is one of my favourite tips of my 10 ways to keep warm in winter


Thick curtains

Oh, thick curtains work wonders to warm up a house in winter especially if closed in the evenings.


Draught excluders

Such a simple solution but a draught excluder against the bottom of a door stops the heat escaping and the chill outside getting in. You can even make one out of a pair of old woollen tights, chopping off a leg and stuffing it with t-shirts. An easy and effective solution.

So simple, simple advice from me that really anyone can implement – 10 ways to keep warm in winter. Now what would you add to that list? What are your ways to keep warm in winter

More ways to keep warm in winter

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