Older Dating Online

When it comes to older dating online the world really has opened up.

Times are changing

Older dating just like online dating used to be a bit of a taboo subject. Lots of people really wanted to have a go but it was seen as wrong somehow. The thought was if you were older then the dating schene was something you have left behind in your youth. In regard to dating online, it was often seen as something only sad or really desperate people did.

Oh wow how the world changed!

The majority of people live much longer these days and are much healthier for much longer too. So by the time their children have grown, the majority og people face many more healthy and vibrant years of life. If they are divorced, separated or single or perhaps even widowed many older people will want to ensure their latter years are not spent on their own. They will of ocurse stiill want to have all types of  fun, including that of the romantic kid,, and why not I say!


Older Dating Online


Jake’s story of  Older Dating Online

Let me tell you about a really lovely chap that I know.

Let’s call him Jake.

Jake was widowed in his early 60’s and was heartbroken and lost. His job also came to an end and life was pretty bleak. He had his home and a pension but no-one to share it with. His children enjoyed his visits and did keep in touch but mainly they were busy and fulfilled with their own life.

Jake joined a local drama club and that was fun but it was also full of married couples and when they socialised he sometimes felt like a spare part. After a while, he stopped going out on the drama socials and life became a little quiet.

Jake had loved being married, loved the dates to the restaurants and cinema that he and his wife had used to have. He missed it. He missed the companionship too.

Jake’s daughter was the one to suggest online dating to him. When he objected to this and said he was too old she told him loudly and clearly and repetitively  ANYONE of ANY AGE can date, find love, companionship and friendship and that there were specific dating sites such as a senior dating webisite absolutely tailored to his needs.

After a lot of pondering and positive self-talk and pushing from his daughter, Jake eventually signed up to the site.

He was so nervous but had a flicker of hope too.

Jake was amazed at how quickly he was matched and enjoyed a couple of really nice dates, going out to eat, the movies, for walks with some lovely ladies. His life was fuller and richer and warmer than it had been for a long while.

He was struck at how easy it was and how many other people were in a similar position to him.


Older Dating Online


Finding love with Older Dating Online

Jake did not find love straight away, of course not, dating sites can be fabulous but they are not magic. But, as Jake’s dating condifence came back (it had been 40 YEARS! after all since he last dated) he started to relax and be more himself.

With this ease and confidence, Jake started to enjoy his dates more and eventually our story ends, as any great story ends, with a proper love story.

Jake fell in love with the very beautiful Arianna, also widowed, also retired who he met online. They shared so many interests including travel, art, family times, a good film and a great meal and they found enjoying these interests together was a delight. They just absolutely clicked and suddenly the loneliness they had both been experiencing was a thing of the past.

The beauty of dating sites is that you can be sure from the start that the practicalities are not an issue. Jake and Ariana lived pretty close to each other and met regularly. After 6 months they moved in together and 6 months after that Ariana and Jake made a momentous decision to formalise their union and get married.

They had a HUGE wedding full of laughter and old friends and lots of bubbly.

Their families were completely delighted and the couple are still living they’re happy ever.  They go on many trips, they date still and they share whatever life brings them, new grandkids, health issues, new books, and many a pot of tea.

It is perfect.

A fine romance indeed.


Older Dating Online

Dating in older age

Now of course Jake’s is a lovely (and true!) story and it probably made you smile as it does me.

Not every dating site will lead someone to marriage, of course not. But they will make dating in older age much easier.

It is not simple when you are older is it to find a date? It can be hard to know if someone else is married or in a partnership, whether they are open too and looking for love. And then where on earth do you meet these senior singles? There aren’t so many house parties when you are a bit older are there.

A dating site takes away those worries about where and how to meet someone who is single and available and stops you worrying about getting it wrong.

It is great there are dating websites specifically designed for older people. Dating in your 60s, 70s or 80s is now much more socially acceptable and such websites make it far less tricky to begin.

Romance is a truly wonderful thing and makes life feel so much more worthwhile. I would advise anyone looking for love just to give it a go.  Jake tells me all the same feelings are there dating in your 60’s as in your teens, the nerves and the excitement, the butterflies in the stomach,  the wondering what to wear and where to go.

I think it sound s delightful.


What about you?

Do you have someone in your life you’d like to suggest older dating online too – or maybe you are over 60 and are wondering if this is for you?

Well like evrything in life – you will never know unless you give it a go.

Older Dating Online could lead to a very happy ever after.


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