Motivation to kick your bad habits

Today – Motivation to kick your bad habits

Bad habits can have many costs.

Too many takeaways, chocolate bars and beer will not only wreck your health and your skin they don’t do much for your fitness levels either. Cigarette smoking too make s your teeth yellow your breath smell and gives you a rasping cough. There is a certainly a lot to be gained form ditching bad habits.

For those of us on a budget there is even more to be gained from ditching bad habits and that is the extra cash. Bad habits often carry a financial cost which we often ignore (because we don’t want to face the reality of what we are spending)  I think though that we need to Flip that ideas around and think instead what we could be SAVING if we gave up our bad habits and use that motivation as an incentive


Motivation to kick your bad habits

Leeds Building Society have been running a Kick The Habit campaign around this recently looking at what bad habits actually cost people over a period of time, how much they could save if they gave it up and how much interest they could earn on those savings.


Kick My Habits Interactive Tool from Leeds Building Society, Motivation to kick your bad habits


My husband spends at least £14 a week on takeaways and when I enter that info the Kick your habit tool it equate s to £728 a year. Blimey!!! If we placed that £728 in a savings account according to Leeds we would get about £12 interest. So a pretty whopping saving there. A week in a lovely cottage by the sea for the price of an overpriced takeaway. Hmmmm.

I shall be losing those take out menus I reckon.Isn’t it a shock how an occasional bad habit can cost a fortune over time.Why don’t you pop on over to Leeds Building Society and take a look at this resource’s great fun and very enlightening.

Do you have a bad habit to ditch that could save you some money? I hope you have found this post  Motivation to kick your bad habits to be useful. How about taking  apeek at my post life hacks for busy parents


Written in association with Leeds Building Society




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