Swimming confidence and young children

Swimming is one of those lovely activities that the whole family can enjoy together. I can take my 9 and 5 year old and no one complains it too young or too old for them. They happily go with grandparents too. Not many activities can suit both genders of kids with an age difference, not cost too much and be perfect for a rainy day. You have to love swimming what a great leisure activity.


Last week my daughter had a swimming birthday party. It was so lovely to watch 25 kids all take to the water happily, run up and down inflatables, paddle on big frog floats and whizz down the slide. Some of the kids used armbands many didn’t and all seemed happy to be in the water..it makes me happy to see this.

As a child I wasn’t a confident swimmer at all. We didn’t have a car or much money so no lessons and few opportunities to swim. I just learned really through a few lessons with school.

When I think of the opportunities my kids have had;  weekly lessons and great toys like dive sticks and woggles  to help them no wonder they are water confidant. You can get some great swimming aids from  Konfidence wetsuits and buoyancy aids that really make it fun,comfortable and safe in the water for little kids and this all goes towards helping them.

I believe in starting young with swimming; singing and playing, chasing, creating stories in the water and generally having fun with it all help a child to feel secure and happy enough in the water to begin to swim.

I have often asked for water toys for birthday or Christmas gifts and family have sometimes given a course of lessons as a gift. It is often free for children to swim at local leisure centres too.

Swimming can be  a real delight for children, important for their safety and it has a great fitness and social aspect to it which will last throughout their life.

Well worth a little investing in.




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  1. Dawn Frazier
    June 12, 2013 / 9:32 pm

    My three absolutely love swimming. When we first started taking them they were all a bit uncertain in the water, but now their confidence has really grown and it’s lovely to see. Great exercise for them too 🙂
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