KoH Lamp Review

Koh lamp review – these illuminated jerry cans use both recycled materials and low energy lightbulbs. Great for our carbon footprint and certainly quirky.

One of the things I like most about being a blogger is getting to review new products that I would never normally come across nor ever consider purchasing.  I am fascinated by new inventions, new food ideas, new designs, new technology and I love the slightly quirky! When I was offered the opportunity to do a KoH lamps review I was really excited. I hadn’t seen anything like this before.


Koh lamp review

Picking a colour to review was tricky I thought they all looked rather fabulous.

Basically they are illuminated jerry cans which use both recycled materials and low energy lightbulbs. great for our carbon footprint and certainly quirky.

I chose the purple (after consulting with and ignoring the rest of the family who all wanted something different) as I though it looked like lavender and would be clam and relaxing)


Koh lamps review

I think it looks great in our lounge

Koh lamps review


Inspiration behind a Koh lamp

The KoH lamp came  about when designer Christophe d’Orey, visited an Afruican village Seeing the villagers gathered around the campfire every night,talking through their day reminded him how a soothing atmosphere and something simple could encourage people to connect. He designed the KÖH Lamp as a way to remind us of the importance of our interdependence and taking time to connect face to face regardless of our ‘busyness’.

KoH Concepts originated with the goal to give consumers a new, shared sensory experience with a spiritual dimension.They believe in repurposing objects, a concept of warmth and easy living and creating artistic lighting pieces using the calming, rich colors emitted from the KoH Lam

There is also an aspect of Chromotherapy, or colored light therapy, behind the lamp design. It has been used since ancient times in India, China and Egypt. “Chromotherapy spas” can now be found around the world. The idea behind it is that there are  physical and psychological benefits of each shade of the KoH Lamp.


Our experience of a Koh Lamp Review

My children adore our lamp they like to sit in its soothing light and play with toys it seems to make them dreamy and rested. My husband feels its makes him happy and he like to switch it on as the main lights go off later in the evening. For me too it is a happy colour, quirky and funky and fun. I thought at first I would put it in the playroom as its such a fun object but more and more I think if it as a piece of art in my lounge and I can’t quite bear to part with it.

When the colour isn’t on it does look a bit like an over sized empty milk jug to me so i just pop it out of sight!

KoH concepts have a wonderful blog where they talk about colour design and inspiration in more depth that I found very interesting and their gallery is wonderful really inspiring

These aren’t for everyone.  An older more traditional relative said bemusedly ‘what on earth is that’ others have said  ‘that is so cool’ . It is urban, funky and fun. We love it and would in fact like a whole rainbow of these lamps !

They retail for $150 USD .


I hope you have found our Koh Lamp Review useful. Youc an see more of our reviews here


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