May Day Craft: Make a secret basket

Today – May Day Craft (May 1st)

May Day, May 1st always signifies Spring to me and it is a day that has been celebrated for centuries. In England traditionally it was associated with Morris dancing, crowning a May queen and dancing around a maypole.

When I was at school this was a major event. We all wanted to be popular may queen or one of her lovely attendants. I got lucky and got the chance to play the triangle on the float. Heady days.  I was so jealous of the May Queen!

If there is an event on near you and you can take your child to see a may fair celebration  I am sure they will love it, it is so colourful and lively.

Here is a sweet tradition for May Day crafts making you may enjoy to together;


May day craft

A May Day basket for your neighbour

One of the oldest May Day traditions is to hang a basket with flowers or other small gifts on a neighbour’s doorknob. This probably dates from more neighbourly times but it is still a good thing to get on with them next door.

The trick is you don’t want the neighbour to see you! If you get caught, you are supposed to give your neighbour a little a kiss. Your child will love this sneaking about!

To make the basket for this craft you very simply cut a triangle out of construction paper and roll into a cone, Let your child decorate it anyway they wish. Next you tape a pipe cleaner across the top for a little handle, which is perfect for hanging on a doorknob. Fill as you please. You could perhaps pop in a daffodil from your garden ( or one you have made)  or fill with a handful of sweets or a few biscuits – nothing too heavy or the whole thing will cave in (we learnt this to our dismay!)


may day craft

Have fun and happy May Day Craft making


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  1. May 3, 2011 / 11:07 pm

    This is a wonderful idea – I”ll be showing this to my daughter tomorrow, it’s exactly the type of thing she’d love to do =]

    Thanks also for the heads-up about our ebook – I’d had a notice in my e-reader but the link led to a 404 page. Glad I’ll still be able to buy it =]

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