How to Make a Maypole

Today – How to make a maypole craft

Hello and happy May Day to you all I hope the sun is shining wherever you may be and you are feeling all the joys of Spring. We have a lovely tutorial on how to make a maypole craft for you today .

A popular activity on May Day is to decorate a pole with brightly coloured ribbon or paper streamers. The pole is usually carried in a parade and then placed in the ground at a designated area. People then dance around the Maypole, holding the ends of the streamers or ribbon in their hands.

Now please do not worry – I’m not about to suggest that you learn how to make a maypole that is full sized!  But you could have a go at making a mini maypole.


how to make a maypole



How to make a Maypole – what you will need:

You will need: Paper towel holder, glue, ribbons (or strips of coloured fabric) glitter and paint


How to make a Maypole Craft – instructions

Simply get a kitchen role holder and slit the ends so it stands. Let your child paint and glitter it, Then take some strips of ribbon and glue these to the inside top of the kitchen roll holder so they stream down the outside. Gorgeous and so much fun for little children to play with, perfect with tiny dolls and little hands. This is also a lovely table top decoration for May Day.  Have fun!


How to make a Maypole

My children love to craft and it really does not have to be an expensive past time. We raid the recycling bin regularly!


More thrifty crafting ideas

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You can find out more about Mayday at Wikipedia




  1. April 25, 2011 / 9:42 pm

    What a sweet idea – love the photo with the dolls holding the ribbons. I bet they dance when you’re not looking ;0)

    I have a huge cardboard roll that some fabric came on. I really wanted to make one for the garden but can’t think of a way to anchor it to the ground :0(

  2. Becky
    April 25, 2011 / 10:19 pm

    Wet sand in a bucket ?

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