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Many pregnant women wonder if there really is any difference between a maternity bra and a traditional bra. Some believe that as their pregnancy progresses, they can continue to wear a regular bra but just in a larger size. However, as easy as this sounds, it really is not a good idea. Pregnancy presents a unique situation where women needs special features in a bra.

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Pregnancy is a time in life when many changes occur to a woman’s body. A woman’s breasts become larger throughout the duration of her pregnancy as well as for some of the time beyond. A regular bra simply does not provide the kind of support needed by a pregnant woman. Maternity bras are designed differently to other bras to provide this support. They feature a unique construction and shape aimed at providing support. There should be a row of at least six hooks for maximum support. The fabric used in their creation is specifically chosen for support and comfort. Cotton is used to line most maternity bras as it allows the fabric to breath. Maternity bras are also able to adjust, as a woman’s breasts increase in size.

Regular bras also won’t work when breastfeeding. Maternity bras are designed to be worn after birth for nursing. Maternity bras are specially designed to provide convenient access to the nipples to nurse a baby. Maternity bras are specially designed to accommodate the changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy.

Generally, pregnant women can keep wearing their regular bra until about the fourth month of pregnancy. By this time, they will usually have outgrown their normal bra size. At this time, it is important to obtain a maternity bra to provide appropriate support as well as accommodating a woman’s growing breasts during pregnancy.



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  1. Karen McCully (BoobieMilk)
    April 17, 2012 / 1:09 pm

    It is my goal to help all pregnant and breastfeeding women be confortable, supported and confident in their maternity and breastfeeding lingerie. You can also save money by knowing which bras can be used for the longest length of time so that you can get the most out of them. There are a couple of ways to do this –

    Buy something that can accomodate changes in size so that you can wear them while pregnant and then use them after birth as nursing bras. These are also great for women who are nursing throughout pregnancy. They are comfy and seamless, so great to sleep in and for those first few months when breast can be tender at night. You don’t need to be measured every month or think about another erand to run before birth, and you don’t have to leave the house after birth either. Some people may call these transitional nursing bras. Emma-Jane, Carriwell and Bravado make some great options. I have worn some of mine through two pregnancies and breastfeeding experiences. The more you pay, the more quality and durability you get. However, you can also pay very little and still get a great bra that will get you though pregnancy and those first few months if you are still on the fence about breastfeeding.

    The other option I mentioned would be a sized bra with accomodation for changes in band size. Hotmilk do a selection of maternity/nursing bras which have lots of adjustments in the band so that if fitted correctly early on in pregnancy you can get a lot of wear out of them and then if they have a little room in the cup can accomodate small increases after the milk volume increases. You may not be able to wear the bra during the first month of nursing, but there is a good chance that you will be able to then carry on wearing it after your volume settles down.

    Another great way to save money would be to think about buying a nursing vest which has built in shelf support and can take the place of a bra, but can also be worn as an outer piece (or for layering, nursing in public, with pj bottoms etc). If you can only afford 3 bras, think about making one a vest.

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