Magical, memory-making fruit growing

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 When I was growing up we lived in a tiny terraced with a concrete back yard and we had a few pots of flowers. My mum (because she tried to give us everything, even though we were skint) tried to show us how to grow fruit through tomato plants. This absolutely enchanted me. took up very little space and a neighbour gave her the plants each year and she would give her back yummy tomatoes. Great budgeting skills hey! I still remember their fabulous taste and watering them and picking them.


Hey ! Don’t you want some fruit with that ice cream?

Memory-making fruit growing

My son’s first exposure to naturally growing fruit was the blackberries we picked and put in his bike hat from by our local canal. So exciting that he could just pick and eat, he was thrilled and always recalls this.

When I got married my gorgeous, adored Great Aunty Eileen gave us two apple trees. The apples make mouth-watering pies, the blossom delights us and frames many a photo, but most of all as I see the fruit grow I remember her and her wonderful sense of family and I feel life continue.



Making apple pies

Last year we grew some tiny strawberries plants in our garden. A little girl who came to play said they looked like ‘fairies strawberries.’

Growing fruit has something ‘tingly special’ about it. Perhaps it’s the colour, the taste, the amazement that food really does come from the land not the supermarket…that touches children’s hearts. Growing your own fruit can be a good budget option. It can be eaten, cooked, frozen, jammed, swapped and sold…and don’t you think there is something a tiny bit magical and memory-making about it for children (and grown-ups) too?

You don’t need money to expose your children to how fruit grows, a pot, a trip down by a canal, books, a visit to a garden is out there for everyone. I wish you a fruitful summer with your kids.

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  1. Heather @notesfromlapland
    April 20, 2010 / 6:49 pm

    so true so true. there is something amazing about growing and eating your own food. It tastes so much better then shop bought and it is a real lesson for the kids as well.

  2. Nina Greaves
    May 12, 2010 / 1:37 pm

    My mother and father have always used half their garden to grow fruit and veg, I loved the strawberries and hated the turnips (and still do!) My favourite vag was the broad beans and the garden peas – it was so much fun to sit aorund the table with a communcal pot in the middle as the whole family dug in – even though we ended up eating a lot of them before they hit the pot!

    Lovely memories

  3. Becky
    May 12, 2010 / 1:51 pm

    My grandad sat inhis greenhouse with his tomatoes for many hours. I would go there from school and find him there hankie on his bald head asleep. Oh how I loved him x Thanks for sharing your memories Nina

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