The Funky Pigeon Notebook Review

Funky Pigeon Reviews

Funky Pigeon Notebook Review, funky pigeon reviews

How gorgeous!


Oh just take a look at this notebook! Funky Pigeon Reviews are one of my very favourite things to do!

It is just the cutest isn’t it!

Your jealous aren’t you?  Go on admit it you are thinking how lovely …I want one of them with my kids name it!  I have never ever had so many compliment over 1 item of anything  (except perhaps my wedding dress!)

The funky pigeon sell lovely notepads, pictures, cards, diaries etc. And they can be personalised. I also have a funky pigeon diary and I have to say the quality is just great on that too. They often have good promotions on and for the loveliness and uniqueness of the products they are very good value. I think this is a fab and funky  pressie idea for either a little kids who likes to write or the woman who has everything.

Head on over to oh and if anyone is listening who would like to buy me a gift I really like the picture with the plane smoke spelling out the kids names  (just in case!) I’m sure my hubby reads this sometimes x

Hahaha well it is always worth a try isnt it!


Funky pigeon diary

Oh a funky pigeon diary is a lovely thing. Do pop over and have a look at their full range here

Ther are options to make persoanlised diaries as well  and oh so many perosnalised notebook ideas!

Funky pigeon diary, funky pigeon reviews



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Current deal is 25% off! This notbook usually sells at £7.99 so that makes it £6 today x


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