Leapster Explorer Review

Leapster Explorer Review

Leapster Explorer™ Learning Experience

Leapster explorer

I have to say I am not generally a big fan of anything thats potentially addictive, time consuming and anti social for little kids as I think on the whole they should be out there in the world, playing, laughing, learning and getting a bit mucky.


My husband describes this as the ‘best kids game ever. Wow. It’s fab. I love it. Wish I’d had one!’

My son (aged 6) adores it and will play with it quietly for as long as we would let him. We let him for half an hour then it goes away out of sight.

This morning in order to write this review I had a go myself….ahem…..1 ½ hours later I have stopped playing and am finally writing.

Verdict: It is great!

I’m talking about the Leapster Explorer. It has musical activities, train games, a virtual pet to feed, spelling games, ebooks, videos to watch, etc. It has a big, bright colourful touch screen, good clear sound, great graphics and a stylus for practice writing.

You can track your childs skill levels online (should you wish too) and download more apps as you wish to keep the game fresh ( typically £9.99 which I guess this is about standard for new games) and means it’s not just a one hit wonder. Other quaities include skill levels continually adjusting for the optimum challenge in each subject and the handheld remembering your child’s level from game to game. Clever.

The Leapster Explorer reatails at about £59.99 but brings hours even I would hazaerd a guess a good couple of years of entertainment. Fab quality, bang up to date, robust, easy to handle fun and not violent!!!

The Leapster Explorer initially comes with a Leaplet learning app download card and pet game. I would suggest you will probably be buyng a few more apps pretty early on. It is classed as appropriate for children ages 4 to 9 years.

This would make a fabulous BIG Christmas present that others could add to, by buying download cards so your child could choose their own apps. The Explorer will bring lots and lots of fun and teach some really useful stuff whilst entertaining too. Enough said really!


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