How to find a rewarding job that lets you have lots of time with your children

Thanks to Emma Harrison the jobshare guru for some top tips:

Have you ever wondered how to find a challenging, rewarding job which also allows you lots of time to be with your children? It’s the eternal dilemma of the working, or would-be working mum.

You may be thinking about returning to work, but are put-off by long hours away from your family. Equally, you may be disheartened by the thought of working part-time, from the  ( justifiable) fear that there is very little part-time work for skilled people who desire a varied and challenging career.

The answer could be easier to achieve than you think: jobsharing.

In a jobshare, two people share one job, allowing them to do a full-time job between them.

If you apply for full-time jobs on your own, wanting to be part-time or jobshare, then you present the employer with the problem of trying to adapt the role to part-time hours or of finding a jobshare partner for you.

So find a jobshare partner, perhaps someone you have worked with in the past, and apply for full-time jobs as a partnership. This way, you will present the employer with two very good candidates who wish to jobshare and who have saved the employer the hard work of finding suitable jobshare partners.

As soon as you pair up, you can apply for full-time jobs together, opening up your job search to everything that interests you (rather than to the very few jobs advertised as part-time!)

Set out for the employer a proposal of how you plan to work together.

The employer has the benefit of two people in one role, with the benefits that “two brains rather than one” can bring, with double the amount of experience, ideas, enthusiasm and commitment than they would get from one individual.

Have a look at my blog for some case studies of people who have made jobsharing work well for them.


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