How to cash in on your crafty ways


Are you crafty? Can you bake, sew or knit? If you can, you have an amazing resource to exploit – yourself. Making something by hand can cost a fraction of its retail cost; whether it’s clothes or toys for your kids, tasty cakes for tea or perhaps lovely home furnishings, any and all of the above can serve you well in the cash stakes. What’s more, you’ll have unique and adorable gift potential too. So, if you have a creative skill, drag it back out and dust it off as now is the time to let it shine.


How to cash in on your crafty ways


If you’re talented, many colleges offering night classes may well have a slot for you to teach something. If you
aren’t ready for a class environment, boost your confidence by taking a refresher course (usually subsidised if you are on a low income).


Craft fairs

If you’d rather just create your own crafts, you could set yourself up to sell at craft fairs, to shops, on eBay or even on your own website. None of these areas is as complicated as it seems to break into. Our local craft fair charges just £17 a day for stalls. Find out what’s coming up in the calendar and contact the organiser of any interesting and appropriate events about taking a stall. You can ask the manager in any appropriate shop if they are interested in selling your items and arrange to take some samples in for
them to see. What’s the worst they can say?


Selling on ebay

Selling on eBay is an area you have probably already explored as it is so straightforward and selling home crafts on eBay is increasingly popular. Check out too as a great place to sell any home-made items. It’s handy if you know someone with IT skills to help you set up your own website, then it’s just a case of the right software and if you aren’t very confident wth IT , a couple of hundred pounds. Perhaps see how your goods sell elsewhere first before you outlay any kind of money. Perhaps find out if your local college runs courses on setting up websites. You can be a mumpreneur from your own home and you can learn new skills whilst you have young kids. It will keep you fresh and enthusiastic.



Refine your skills and practise. Most of your ‘creating’ can be done at home when you have a baby break (or let’s be honest, more likely in the evening when the childrenare in bed). Look online for communities of like-minded
creatives and you may well find support and inspiration.

Enjoy your creativity and make it work for you.

Below are examples from a fab mum I know, Jen Walshaw, making the VERY most of her craft skills and selling her wares at folksy.   How gorgoeus are these….


Children "learn to set the table" Fabric Place mat    Pair of Button Hair Slides

Tea Cup Pin Cushion 4 Lavender Bags

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  1. August 16, 2010 / 11:38 am

    Thank you for featuring me Becky

  2. Mary Poppins
    August 16, 2010 / 12:13 pm

    Super points :0) I beagn crafting nearly 2 years ago, and really enjoy it, do the craft fairs, sell on folksy and some of my pretties are even in various pretty retailers, go for it i say :0)


  3. workingberlinmum
    August 16, 2010 / 5:36 pm

    I have just started crafting recently whilst my son sleeps and have gotten into it in a big way and now have opened a shop on Dawanda. I highly recommend it to other Mum’s out there.

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