Innovative Baby Products

Let’s take a look today at Innovative Baby Products

According to a recent survey by “The Bump”, over three quarters of mums say that technology is an important factor when buying baby products and with more and more millennials becoming mums, this will rise even further, I would imagine.

On that note, there have been some innovative technology-based baby products released recently to help you bring up your baby that range from the bizarre to the ingenious.

As someone myself that likes to keep up with the latest in baby innovations, especially if they fall into the category of raising children on a budget, I thought that I would share some of the recent baby products that were showcased at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES 2017).

Also, thanks to the guys at who helped me compile this list of cool baby stuff.

Here are a few products that stood out:

Innovative Baby Products


Innovative Baby Products

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar is a smart looking caterpillar toy that helps younger children (for ages 3 and up) to understand coding fundamentals from an early age. It”s from Fisher-Price and their new “Think & Learn” range, so you know that it”ll be pretty resilient to your child”s playing habits.

Owlet Smart Sock is rather interesting in that, when worn by baby, it tracks heart rate and oxygen levels, alerting parents when things change via a smartphone app based on settings you enter.

Staying on innovations of the smartphone kind, Kaishi monitors heart rates of babies still in the womb, and allows them to be shared over social media privately or publicly if you would like to keep your friends updated.

Although not yet in the UK (but hoping it does soon) is Winnie, which is another innovative smartphone app for mums and dads that lists local cool places to take children, small and large, to find the nearest baby changing table

Then there”s “snoo” (which definitely does not fit those on a budget, but it”s so cool) which is labeled as “the world”s first smart sleeper”. As a baby starts to stir and wake, “snoo” responds with white noise and womb-esque motion that aids the baby back to sleep. How innovative is that!

In the next 5-10 years, looking after babies is going to be much different I think, especially with the combination of millennial parents and improvements in technology.


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