Shopping For a Baby Monitor on a Budget

You may think that you won’t be able to find a high quality baby monitor if you are on a budget, but that isn’t true. There is a very wide choice of baby monitors on the market today, and some of them cost as low as £35.

When it comes to baby monitors, the price doesn’t always reflect the quality. The most expensive models on the market are usually sold at these prices due to the larger list of features they come with. There are models which don’t cost as much and come with less features, but still provide you with a high quality baby monitoring experience.

Two product brands which manufacture high quality baby monitors at reasonable prices are BT and Philips Avent. These are two brands you may wish to consider.

Deciding on a baby monitor

I have a few different tips for finding the perfect baby monitor on a budget. One of the best things you can do is join parenting forums. These forums are not only great for general parenting advice, but you can ask other parents if there are any baby monitors they would recommend to you. The great thing about these forums is that most, if not all, people are very honest with product recommendations.

Don’t forget to read online product reviews. If there are no particular baby monitors you have your eye on, simply visit online baby stores who stock a wide range of baby monitors, and read the product details, as well as the reviews customers have left. Once you have your eye on a selection of baby monitors, you can search on Google for reviews for each particular model. Reading these reviews will give you an idea of the product quality and should allow you to make a better decision when choosing which model to purchase.

Another thing you can do is contact stores which sell a wide range of baby monitors, as they will have an idea of which models offer the best quality, best value for money, and they may even be able to tell you what their best sellers are. Many parents like the best sellers, as they know that other parents are purchasing and using these products too.

Kerri Bullock, the author, is owner/founder of online baby monitor store BabyMonitorsOnline. Visit for a wide range of baby monitors from top brands.




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