How to Prepare Your Child for School

Today – How to Prepare Your Child for School

For many parents, the time for their child to start school comes as a shocking surprise. Nothing prepares you for the day your baby will be stepping into a stage of their lives, where you will not be the centre of their world; when they will not be dependent on you for the most part of their day. This is the start of their journey of independence.


How to Prepare Your Child for School

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Are you ready to even face it? How to Prepare Your Child for School

So where has the time gone? You were so caught up in their stages of weaning, teething, toilet training, toddlerhood and starting nursery that there was little time to think that soon, this same baby will be stepping into the world of routine and structure.

Suddenly, it’s as though you start seeing your child as if they’re mini-adults. The worry and self-doubt sets in, whether you have done enough to prepare your child to enter the world of structured learning.

How to Prepare Your Child for School

How to Prepare Your Child for School – top tips

In this blog, we will be exploring a few simple ways you can ensure your child is ready for the world of learning.

Dressing Themselves

Help your child to get dressed independently. When children start school they need to know how to dress independently as they will be changing for PE, dance and drama lessons. They need to be able to button their shirts, zip-up jumpers and coats, pull up socks and wear shoes the right way round. They also need to be able to tie shoelaces but I would recommend that you get them shoes which they can just simply pull on.

It is so easy to dress your child yourself because they simply take too long to get dressed themselves but, remember, this is an important process of their learning. Give your child praise for trying, gold stars are a definite motivator and a treat goes a long way to encourage them to speed up.

How to Prepare Your Child for School – Develop their Ability to Express Themselves

Self-expression is the greatest skill children need when starting school. This is a continuous process and requires your support. Talk to your child and help them to share their feelings; ask them how they are feeling, what they are thinking, seeing, smelling and tasting.

Another good way of helping your child express themself is by singing songs with them, this not only helps to develop vocabulary but also allows them to explore the rhythm of their bodies and their thoughts.

Read stories with them, encourage children to make up stories from picture books. Books cost very little, all you have to do is browse through charity book shops, you’ll be surprised what bargains you can pick up at relatively low prices.

How to Prepare Your Child for School

Ability to Ask for Help

Encourage your child to have a go at different activities and if they get stuck to ask for help, model this to your child and teach them how to ask for help, for example, ‘Could you help me, please?’ This will help children to learn that it is okay to ask for help when they are stuck, developing a can-do attitude.

We find ourselves in quite a fortunate position that our children have access to free education. Our main worry is making sure our children are ready to be able to learn and to maximise their potential, laying the foundation for their future success. Unfortunately, we don’t realise how lucky we are – there are parents around the world who are not in such a fortunate position. Barely able to make ends meet, their main worry rests on the ability to put food on the table at least once a day and not on paying for their child’s education. However, there are charities around the world who are working tirelessly to be able to provide an opportunity for education for children around the globe.

Preparing our children for school is a stepping stone in their preparation for self-independence. This is an exciting time in their lives and as parents, it is our duty to make the journey towards eventual independence, as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Over to you – How to Prepare Your Child for School

Do you have any tips to share on how to prepare your child for school?

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