The Reindeer and the Swallow – book review

I am so delighted to show you this lovely childrens book The Reindeer and the Swallow. It is the most entertaining story and would make a lovely Christmas gift.

Let me tell you a little about it.


The Reindeer and the Swallow


The Reindeer and the Swallow is a lovely Christmas story to either read aloud to a young child or for an older child to read to themselves. The illustrations are absolutely stunning and as gorgeous as the story itself.

I won’t spoil the story by telling you what happens but I will tell you it is the story of a friendship between a swallow and a reindeer. Iit is a story of kindness, trust and ultimately, a Christmas wish come true.

This story has an ending that you won’t expect but one that will absolutely delight your heart.

It has just the right amount of magic and sparkle.

I have not read a story with so much heart or that made me smile so much in absolute ages. My children adored it and I know you will too.

Happy Christmas reading everyone.


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