How to take care of kids ears

Today – how to take care of kids ears


Kids have smaller tubes than adults inside their ears and so they can have more ear problems than adults. Here are a few common ones and what you can do to help them

How to take care of kids ears

How to take care of kids ears

Let’s take a look at things to consider when it comes to kids and ears!

Ear infections

can be caused by virus and bacteria and often occur with colds – time to see the doctor if this is causing pain

Sound protection

Ear defenders are a great idea if you take your child somewhere noisy like a concert for a festival. It means their sensitive ears won’t get hurt and their whole experience will be more comfortable

Protect ears from the sun

A hat and sunscreen protect ears from the sun and a warm woolly hat protects them from the cold. Do keep your kids ears safely protected!

Avoid cotton buds

Cotton buds are not a good idea as they can push wax or foreign bodies further down into little ears

Get help when needed

Did you know there are even ear wax removal clinics you could take your kids too! Auris Ear Care can either come to your home or you can visit them On Harley street.  If you need to beat NHS queues this can be a good way to go.  They treat adults as well as g kids and it could be a great solution to your ear wax issues


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