Take your time, think ahead and spread the budgeting love.

I have had a good budgeting week this week.  Let me tell you my 3 top budget wins and how they came about:


1) Despite believeing it was done for, the reverse light and noise kept coming on when I braked!  My car was fixed by a really fab auto electrician who we were recommended. Word of Mouth is a good thing. £75 later and all is well. Okay £75 is a lot but it’s a lot less than a new car! Make sure you share any good recommnedations particularly with services.

dream car

Photo Credit:  gareth1953 Friends I’m Back

2) Because I Took the Time to shop around ( it took about 10 minutes in all!) my car insurance is going to cost me a lot less next month and I am more than delighted. If you would like to check out yours simply  click here:   Time well spent indeed!

3) At 2 places where I normally buy drinks I took them from home instead,  I helped my children handmake some cards for parties over the next month and I was really creative over a train journey to London coming back via a different station and saving myslef £2o. Thats at least £30 saved by THINKING AHEAD. Thinking and planning ahead stops emergency last minute expenses.

Hope you have had a great budgeting week too!



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