5 odd things I thought when I was pregnant

Here are a slection of the odd things I thought when I was pregnant

1. For some reason I had no idea you could buy cheap maternity clothes. I kept going into these posh boutique pregnancy shops and despairing at the prices. A well meaning rich friend had steered me in the wrong direction. I didn’t have a clue that the supermarkets and the high street sold maternity clothes. For ages I just wore bigger sizes but these were uncomfortable. Maternity leggings from the supermarket made me sigh with joy when I found them

2. For some reason I thought an expensive pregnancy journal was essential. Mine cost £17. I made about 3 entries. I had never kept a diary before why would I start now?

odd things I thought when I was pregnant

Photo Credit: Nina Matthews Photography

3. For some reason I thought I needed nappy bag that matched a parasol that matched a foot muff that matched a pram. I have never co-ordinated anyything before in my life.

4. For some reason when pregnant I thought we needed to decorate the whole house. We were poor, the smell made me sick and it made a big mess when I was very tired.

5. For some reason I thought that when pregnancy was over everything would go back to normal.

Seven years on  I’ve twigged at last this scatty, upside down, messy lovely life is my normal.


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