How to make a Fabric Mâché Bowl (frugal crafts)

Today – How to make a Fabric Mâché Bowl

Hello, I am visiting again from over at Red Ted Art. A craft blog for children and adults alike – hopefully inspiring you to have a go and get crafty!

Inexpensive crafts are a great passion of mine, I am also a great believer in “waste not want not” and you can usually make “something” out of “anything”. Today’s Fabric Mache post is probably just that – it is incredibly frugal and great fun. I did first spot it on an Australian blog, but it is a well-known craft amongst the craft circuit!


How to make a Fabric Mâché Bowl

How to make a Fabric Mâché Bowl


1) Materials for a How to make a Fabric Mâché Bowl  : Strips of fabric, PVC glue (use cheap children’s glue), scissors, cling film and a bowl, an old plate to work on

2) Cover bowl in clingfilm (else you work will stick to it). Cover clingfilm with watered down glue (not too watered down)

3) Layer with “soggy” fabric – as I chose white fabric, it doesn’t matter which way up you do it. However if you have patterned fabric, make sure the patter is face down. Make sure you cover the whole bowl at least once.

4) Add outside layer. This time make sure the pattern looks up. A total of 3 layers (of facing down and up fabric) should be enough!

5) Let it dry (may take overnight)


6) Ease out off bowl (the cling film should help, ease the clingfilm off the bowl and then remove it from the fabric bowl) and trim edges if you wish (they can look quite pretty if you leave it “rough”)

7) As my “white” was very “white” I decided to decorate the inside and cut out some patterns from my fabric remains. On the denim bowl, I decided to add a ribbon, I had to use clothe pegs to help keep it in place (keep re-adjusting clothe pegs, so that they don’t stick to the final bowl!!!)

8 ) Use some more PVC glue to glue the shapes in – cover both sides of the shapes to get a nice smooth and flat finished. Let dry and finished!


I am pretty certain that you can make ANYTHING out of fabric the way you can with paper mâché. Let your imagination be the limit!

If you fancy seeing more simple How Tos or checking out our Kids Crafts, do stop by at Red Ted Art, we would love a visit!

 Thanks Maggy for another great low-cost craft activity idea. We adore your post on How to make a Fabric Mâché Bowl


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