Some dos and dont’s of online catalogue shopping

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 When I was a kid we always seemed to choose our clothes out of a catalogue. I remeber a pair of quite flarey jeans with white piping that I absolutely lusted after in my mums catalogue and after quite a while I remember her saying I could have them. I think they were quite pricey for us and she seemed to be paying them off for ages. If I got them particularly dirty she would say ‘hey I haven’t finsihed paying them off yet!’ I hugely valued those jeans. They seemed precious somehow they took so much time to buy and then pay off.

Nowadays wtih online banking, direct debit  and instant clicking it is a much less drawn out process to buy from a catalogue.

I’ve been having a browse at catalogue shopping on the internet and I came across  K&Co . They have lovely stuff some great summer sale items and some interesting ways to pay. 

You can:

Choose to spread the cost of anything you buy over 20 weeks completely interest free. Plus for items £80 or more, you can spread the cost over 52 weeks and they charge you no interest! You only pay for what you buy. If you but something expensive you can pay ober and even longer period and even delay a year before you start paying.

Other catalogue companies offer a variation on these incentives. These are enticing to a parent on a budget whether its to buy for Christmas or baby’s arrival and spread the cost.  Weddings and other significant special occasions may also need the cost spreading out.


Bridesmaid Dress from K and Co. £50


            Ladybird Baby Boys 3 Piece Set     £24

Here are my 5 top tips:

1) Be sensible (the cornerstone of being a good budgeter)  don’t get crazy just because you aren’t paying now and buy up lots of stuff you could otherwsie borrow, buy second hand or do without.

2) You will have to pay back these items and you will need to be able to afford the repayments make sure you can

3) Life happens and whilst you may have planned to have money each week to pay back catalogue buys make sure you aren’t cutting it too tight. This week my exhaust complately unexpectedly set me back £100.  That s is a sharp blow when you are on a budget and if you haven’t left a margin in your financial planning it could be tight.

4) Know yourself. If you make considered purchases and manage your repayments and money planning well caltalogue shopping could be perfect for you. If you miss payments are often completely broke and impulse buy I would suggest it isn’t.

5) Sometimes it is better to save up and wait…sometimes you need it now. Be flexible, smart and creative about spending and make stategic decisions.  be serious about money respect it and you will be OK!


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  1. Hayley
    May 28, 2011 / 8:42 pm

    My other big tip would be aware of extortionate charges for missed payments!!

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