Heading towards forty – it’s time to grow up.

I am 40 this year (gulp!)

How on earth did that happen?

The years seem to have rushed by and in my mind I supposed at 40 I would be completely sorted – in every way. The reality is quite different. I have a fairly new business and 2 very young, dependent children.  I need to get my house in order.

Heartbreakingly my parents both passed away in their 60’s and I worry about my childrens future immensly. What if I am not around.? I have a plan before I am 40 to get prepared to ensure their future is secure.

Here’s my plan:

1) I am going to lose weight – how silly if I got ill as result of overeating

2) I am going to be as fit and as healthy as I can possibly be – I want to be able to bike around with my grandchildren one day and fight off diseases if I can

3) I am going to write a clear will, officially appoint guardians and the like.

4) I am going to be sure my life insurance is absolutely the best it can be, check what we have see if it could be better.

5) I am going to start a college fund for the kids. When I went to Uni it was totally free if you were a low income family. I did 6 years! . Times have changed but I want my kids to have all the chances I did.

6) I am going to stat topping up my pension plan. If I live to a ripe old age I want to be able to still treat the kids and help them out if they need it.


I was going to have a big party for turning 40, a crazy barn dance for all my friends. but you know what? The above is what I am going to spend my money on. It’s more important and I’ll do bring a bottle at my house instead. It’ll still be fun.

It’s time for me to grow up.

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