Center Parcs has something for every budget and every family.


I recently spend a truly lovely week at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs  and I have been able to talk of little else since. You can read about our family hoiliday to Center Parcs here   It is amazing how many people have been or want to go and how different an experience it can be for each of them.  Let me tell you how diverse these are from my converstaions.

My sister took her 5 kids recently and they stayed in luxury accommodation in an exectutive lodge. They had a hot tub all of their own on the veranda. To make up for such indulgence (and oh how they loved it) they took

  • their own bikes and
  • their own food

Another friend of mine on a lower budget with a baby shared their Comfort Villa accomodation with friends splitting the bill in half   with friends splitting the bill in half   You are
charged per accommodation not per person and this can really be taken
advantage of  –  being able to share is a top option.

  • They didnt bother with hiring bikes as they had pushchairs and lots of bit to carry about with a little baby.
  •  They loved their walk through the forest.
  • They totally self catered  and
  • enjoyed all the free activities the beach, parks lovely walks and the amazing pool

                                                                         Woodlland lodge accomodation

I have another friend who went with her 2 children and husband who booked a year in advance and went during term time. She got a great deal. They ate out regularly to take full advantage of being on hoiday and the children did lots of fun activities such as crafts, tea parties and teddy bears picnics

I know someone else who booked to go in winter because it was much cheaper and spent the extra  money instead on eating out and spa treatemnts and made the most of the heated pool.

When I was at Center Parcs I met a lady who was on her 3rd holiday there since last September. She adored it and found by booking last minute, termtime they got some great deals.

At the other end of the scale entirely and out of my reach but not my dreams is this:  The new treehouses at Sherwood Forest . They have

  • 4 Bedrooms with en-suite bath/shower rooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher
  • Open plan lounge with woodburner
  • Games den with pool table, bar and games console.
  • Sauna
  • Outside hot tub
  • Daily maid service
  • Free Wifi


I just did a randon search for a termtime week In October to Sherwood Center Parcs presently it would cost  £309 for a Comfort Villa that sleeps 4 (perfectly lovely have stayed in one myself before)  and  £2, 229 for a treehouse (but can sleep up to 8) 

Truly something for every budget and every family.


In regard to images rooms and layouts may vary,

 We were on a press trip to Center Parcs but views expressed are entirely my own




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