Review: Munchkin baby products

A leading brand in the US, Munchkin baby products have just launched in the UK and include bathing feeding and hygiene products. The range is colourful  and quite innovative.  Prices are reasonable starting from just £1.99. You can check out the whole range at   Munchkin

We tried the snack catcher which was brilliant. Little hands could pull snacks out from the soft flaps but should the pot be dropped to the floor none could spill. This would pay for itself very quickly!

We also trialled a fresh food feeder in which you simply put a piece of fruit or vegetables  into the mesh bag and snap shut. A baby can chew, suck and enjoy and yet  tiniest, digestible pieces come through. Babies soon catch on!

I think these products are so clever look at these

Soft tip infant spoons designed to be long enough to reach the bottom of infant jars!

Silicone sleeves for bottle to help keep them hot/cold and not slip.

How cool! Check out the whole range it’s really exciting to find new products such as these.


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