Have you Tried Rosehip for Colds ?

Rosehip for Colds

My daughter has missed 6 days of school this term with coughs and colds and just seeming worn out and run down.

Rosehips make me think about homemade itching powder, but evidence shows that extracts of rosehip could help build a stronger immune system and keep bugs at bay.Apparently they are crammed with substances called bioflavonoids, which are known to be powerful anti-oxidants shown to protect the body against harmful substances and help the immune system react appropriately to viruses and allergens. We are going to give this a try.

Rosehip for Colds

Surprisingly for a fruit, rosehips also contain calcium, and are jammed full of vitamins, including more vitamin C per gram than citrus fruits and a high amount of vitamin B3, or niacin, which important for the digestive system and converting food into energy; helping explain why rosehips have traditionally been used to help keep upset tummies away.


Belrosa make the following syrups to support your child.

Belrosa Rosehip Syrup with added vitamins C&D, Belrosa Rosehip Syrup with added multivitamins, and Belrosa Rosehip Syrup with added omega 3. Each presents an easy and convenient way for your child to get all the benefits of rosehip with the added bonus of the additional vitamins or omega 3.

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