Review: Rabbit Cottage Nightlight

Isn’t this a gorgeous nighlight? We have been through a few in our time but we are all agreed this is our favourite. It is sweet, gentle and traditional and gives off just the right light for my daughter.

It is hand painted in gorgeous pastel shades so is perfect for a nursery. At night the light glows from numerous windows and the little White Rabbits who live there can be seen hiding inside the doorway! So, so cute. It costs £49 so would be a very special fgift perhaps fopr a first Christmas or a Chrisening. Beautiful..

White Rabbit England who sell this product have some lovely, classic, children’s items in their range. They make me sigh.

They sell gifts sets

and they sell cushions

and they also sell this gorgeous bedding.

Click here to see their full range of  nighlights.



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  1. Carolina J.
    December 17, 2011 / 5:36 pm

    Oh, what gorgeous things!

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