Where do missing coats go?

School finishes for my 2 TODAY and I could not be more delighted. Many items seem to have been mislaid.  Name labels are hanging off where my sewing let me down, shoes are scuffed to bits, cardigans are getting a bit small and there are a good few mystery mark on the polo shirts that just won’t shift. My kids are so rough with their clothes and my sewing leaves a lot to be desired. This time I am going to give iron on labels a go instead.

I’ve been having  a good search through lost property at school and despite there being a huge mountain of clothes to search through ( none of which have school labels on ) our labelled missing clothes are not to be found. I count 3 jumpers, 1 coat, pe shorts and about 3 pairs of gloves and 1 hat so far.  If they are not in lost property I would assume they have been taken home by someone else but as they are labelled I also thought they would come back? This has happened a few times with a vest, winter hats and a pair of trainers – so labelling is definitely worth it! Hmmm, I suspiciously look round the playground to see if my sons coat is on another child’s back?? But no it’s just not to be seen!

So back to the shops this Christmas time for jumpers, a coat, some larger tops for my fast growing 4 year old and new shoes. Oh and I’ll be purchasing name labels again  – if you saw the big pile of identical blue school jumpers in the school lost property you would vow ALWAYS to label your kids clothes. At least they have a fighting chance of being found.

School Labels.


I have a fabulous sponsor (check the sidebar!) who sells school labels in fact all sorts of label. Bright Star Kids website is well worth looking at; they are speedy straightforward, good value and will meet all your labelling needs. Christmas is going to be busy busy I would suggest you sort school clothes and any labelling for next term out ASAP.

It’ll soon be the New Year.


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