Free, instant and fabulous last minute gift idea from Kodak

Presents you’ve forgot? Money all gione? If you need a last minute gift this is perfect.I had to show you this! The KODAK Photo Collage Print App is the first photo collage home printing app on FACEBOOK which allows you to create photo collages to print at home using your FACEBOOK photos. It takes about 30 seconds and honestly you just press about 4 buttons on keypad. Simples.

Did you know 800 million people are on FACEBOOK and upload approximately 250 million photos per day, ? Blimey. Now you can combine your favourite pictures in a collage that’s so simple to do you can print at home – making an affordable gift you can frame for loved ones!

The free application lets users choose from a variety of templates in either portrait or landscape and select different photos, with or without user comments. Once the FACEBOOK collage is createdyou  simply click print to bring your collage to life, It can also be shared to your FACEBOOK Wall so friends and family can see your creative design.
Here’s one I did earlier it took me about 2 minutes! What a fab gift idea!


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