Easy Ways to Refresh your Living Room

 Easy Ways to Refresh your Living Room

If you feel like your home is in desperate need of a refresh but your post-Christmas finances are a little strapped, why not consider reviving one room. Your living room is generally the natural gathering spot in any household, so reinventing this space can help give the illusion of a complete home makeover.  Here are some of our top tips on how you can refresh your living room.

Detox & Declutter

In most homes, the living room often attracts chaos, so make sure to spend some time decluttering.  This will immediately make the space feel fresher.  Also, purchasing some boxes and baskets is a great, inexpensive trick for hiding unsightly knick-knacks.  Another handy storage idea would be to install some wall-mounted shelves, as this will help to remove clutter and mess from the floor.

You can find some more tips for decluttering at Apartment Therapy.

We’ve Got You Covered

Another way you can refresh your space is by introducing new and exciting textiles and fabrics.  One of the most cost-effective ways you can do this is by switching up your cushion covers.  Choosing a bright and bold pattern can really pack a punch.

Alternatively, if you have a little more cash to play with, you could choose to invest in some new sofas & living room furniture.  Thankfully, furniture stores like The Place for Homes offer everything you could possibly want to use in your living room refresh.

Smoke & Mirrors

Choosing to invest in a large mirror and arrange it opposite a large window can help to create the illusion of more natural light.  This will instantly make your living room appear bigger.     Another great way to add a touch of personality to your living room is to design your own gallery wall.  You can opt for photo frames or even mismatched mirrors.

Rugged Charm

Investing in a large area rug can do wonders for a tired-looking floor.  An area rug makes a great focal point for your living room and will instantly change the feel of your space.  You can opt for a neutral design if you want the overall effect to be subtle or go for a bold and vibrant patter if you are looking to make a statement.

See the Light

Popping a new shade onto your main living room light can help create the illusion that you have purchased a brand-new piece!  Colourful designs are perfect for reviving any space in your home, while futuristic metallics help to add a glam-factor to your space.

Get Moving

A sneaky design tip that won’t cost you a penny is to change the layout of your existing furniture.  In some cases, even just swapping the direction of your sofa can have a huge impact on the overall space.

Wonder Wall

Once you have gone through the decluttering phase, you can then go wild and paint an accent wall.  Giving your living room a fresh lick of paint in an eye-popping colour or choosing statement wallpaper will immediately draw the eye of any visitors and will instantly makeover your room.



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