Baby Shower Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime

Baby Shower Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime


Baby Shower Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime


Even as an auntie to a combined total of five nieces and nephews, I’m lucky that I can say I’ve only ever endured the expense of one baby shower. Between congratulatory cards, baby showers in which you’re probably going to have to pay a contribution to food and games or provide baked goods, and the cost of presents for when the impending arrival, well, arrives… Altogether, it can be quite costly. But with these ideas, you can find something that fits into your budget and get more value for your money knowing it won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Baby Shower Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime

Find a gift with that bit of evergreen magic and rest assured that it will be well loved for years to come, both by parents and by baby.


Classic Children’s Book Collections

As an avid reader, the thought of imparting my love for books onto the next generation fills me with a kind of warmth you can’t really define. Gift a love of reading by encouraging expectant parents to read to their child from the get-go. Buying beautiful matching sets of books to sit proudly in their nursery is the way to go for a gift that really does keep on giving. There are a range of classic collections like Winne the Pooh and Beatrice Potter that will be an instant hit at the baby shower. This can be a pricier option, but you can find huge reductions at retailers like The Book People. Go a little less conventional and source the books of future bed time stories to come, including the complete Elmer collection, or sharing books you yourself loved by childhood favourite authors like Roald Dahl or Enid Blyton.


Fashionable Teething Jewellery

They might not know it now, but as their baby grows they’ll want to latch onto mummy’s hair and any necklaces she might risk wearing. Worst still, it’ll be going straight in their mouths. A line they may not be aware of is teething jewellery by Mama and Belle. Mum’s can continue to feel stylish and put together with these trendy pieces that also function as great teething toys. Buy your friend something a little lesser known and shop a range of necklaces and bracelets to suit her style and her baby’s future penchant for nibbling on Mummy’s jewellery. Whichever you choose, both fall under the threshold of under £20 gifts.


Keepsake Journal For Your Baby Memories

Keepsake journals vary depending on which you go for, but the sentiment remains the same. Whether filling out details about your baby’s first year and sticking in their first curl, or one that spans over the years to come. Some keepsake journals allow you to ask your child questions as they grow up like what their favourite meal is and who is their best friend? As they grow, their personality will become more prominent, as will their funny responses. If you’re going to play the all-important role of Auntie, Granny or another role that means you’ll be around regularly, you could even take it upon yourself to fill out the journal. After all, Mum and Dad will have enough on their hands to be getting on with.


Baby’s First Special Baby Grow

You may be asking how this is going to last a lifetime? Babies grow at the rate of knots. But regardless of whether a lot of their old clothes go to charity or function as hand-me-downs to the next one, the idea of a parent keeping back just one item which was for that child is special. Buy them that one baby grow that they won’t ever wish to part with. Spend a little more than perhaps expectant parents would on all the sicked-up on multi-pack baby grows and save up to 70% in the regular Joules baby sale. Buy 100% cotton designs from Joules in their iconic colourful patterns. Forget buying the baby grow they come home in, it’s all about which one is saved and folded away for sentimental value. Bonus points if you manage to tick both boxes. Even mention to your recipient that you picked it out especially in the hope it was the one they’d want to keep hold of for sentimental value.


Baby Hand & Feet Mould Kit

They’ll never believe they were that small. From handprints to moulds and 3D casts, this piece of personal art will be up in the home forever, commemorating this special arrival. With a range of sets, you can choose to create a hanging impression or duo photo frame. Retailers like Mothercare offer a choice of frames and mounts to have your 3D casts, too. Impression kits can cost anywhere from £10 to £20, whereas 3D cast vouchers are at the higher end of the budget at over £100. Let’s face it, if they decide they don’t want it, you’re quite literally providing the gift that keeps on giving. They can happily re-gift to the proud grandparents who will happily display it along with the rest of the family photos.


Baby’s Personalised Story

Add something extra special to their bedtime story and buy a storybook with personalisation available to add them right into the heart of the story. Ideal for expectant parents who already know what they’re having and have shared the name, Delilah or George are going to squeal with joy every time this one is read to them. It’ll fast become their favourite story and you’ll be the one to blame when Mum or Dad has to read it at least fifty times a day. And all for as little as £10.

Buying something with a sentimental value really goes to show your sheer excitement for when the bundle of joy eventually enters the world. Reassure and share some love with the expectant parents by finding the perfect gift that only you could give. Whether you are that auntie that is a bit of a bookworm, an uncle who is a dab hand at arts and crafts or a glamorous granny. Add your own personal touch and give the perfect gift to celebrate the wonderful impending arrival.

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