Childrens space – some ideas for your home

Children’s bedrooms – creating a fun play space
Creating a fun play space for children is a great way not just to define living space but also to encourage learning, responsibility and creativity. Clever approaches to decoration, furniture and layout can help maximise on space, provide effective toy storage and get your children involved in creating a unique home.

Bed and sleeping space
Cabin beds offer the perfect solution for maximising space in small areas – freeing up floor space for play or work areas. Available from most high street retailers in a variety of designs, from incorporating desks and chests of draws through to free space that could be used to home bean bags or soft play areas, cabin beds can be bought with or without mattresses.

Toy storage
Both the joy and tribulation of most parents, toys are the defining feature of childhood, but they also have the capacity to take over the home. Clever toy storage and well designed play spaces and bedrooms are one step on the road to a tidy environment. Blanket boxes can be decorated with children to create unique and bespoke storage, which is both personal and special for the whole family, whilst carefully labelled and painted sliding box shelving can help with spelling and reading, as well as storage.

Interactive decor
Children love to take part in creating their own spaces, choosing paint colours, furniture and pictures – but there is always the chance that at some point they’ll take crayon to wall and add a little personal interpretation on the theme. Creating a designated interactive space during the design process is a good way to set boundaries and contain artistic expression. Blackboard paint is cheap and easily available, plus with its wipe clean and start again properties, it offers longevity of design.

Den design
Dens are the ultimate kiddie hidey-hole and ingenious imaginations can turn anything, ironing board, washing basket and bed sheet, into a secret spot. Rather than being wasted design space, nooks and crannies are the perfect place to incorporate a den, whether you choose to kit out a basket with den making material or build a semi-permanent feature.

Murals and motifs
Painted murals are a favourite design feature for children’s bedrooms and whilst the preferences and favourites of a five year old may be a little fickle, creating your own mural doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are loads of online guides to planning and painting unique designs, whilst stencils are an effective way to get the children involved in the actual application process too.

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