Drawybook by Bic

Oh I have something really fun to share with you.

We love arts and crafts in our houses and yet as the children get older screen time is often their preference. Drawybook combines the very best of both and really encourages creativity.


We reviewed a lovely colouring book (Marty and the Alien) and instructions to download the Dawybook app. which we did.

Then we chose the story that corresponded with our book and listened to it unfold. It was great fun, There were games to play and  animations we could control. Then the really special bit came, uploading  Lise’s art created in the drawing book so it became part of the story. Not just part of the story in a static way either – nope, her art became a moveable part of the story.

Here is how it works:

Check out how the sweets Lise drew in the physical book then became part of the book with just a quick press of the camera to scan.




so here is Annalise’s drawing of sweets and here they are animated as part of the on-screen story ….


How fun!

It’s quite a sizeable book too and a pretty long story so there a lots of opportunities to scan your drawings and colouring in .

You can buy Drawybook from Amazon for just £9.99 and I think it makes a brilliant and very unusual gift



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