The essential checklist for expecting mums

Oh the things I thought I needed to have when I was expecting a baby—the list seemed endless. In fact, I had endless lists. Well meaning friends and relatives gave me this advice and that advice; it was often contradictory and seemed to be a never ending list of must-haves.

I was mightily confused at a time when I was feeling anxious and hormonal and actually needed everything to be really straightforward.

From your first trimester right through to post birth, Smart Insurance uk life insurance  provider has put together the essential new baby checklist. I was so proud to be asked to contribute towards this along with some rather fabulous parent bloggers—because it really is an excellent resource and helps you to think through and consider all the things that you might need and situations you may encounter.

checklist baby

I wish I had had this at the start of my pregnancy! It would have really kept me focused. The advice given is succinct, useful and up-to-date.

I love these practical sleeping tips for when you are struggling to nod off in your pregnancy:

‘invest in other sleep aids like earplugs, eyemasks and fans, and avoid consuming stimulants just before bed to help you get a good night’s sleep.’

And I don’t know about you but I didn’t know the first thing about breast pads pre baby! This is useful advice indeed:

‘Disposal breast pads are a necessity for your hospital bag and you may even need them prior to birth. It’s better to use them than to get caught out answering the door to the postman. Yes, it happens!’

I think that, if you are pregnant or have a friend who is, having a look at this great resource really would be doing yourself or your friend a favour.

Covering most of everything from trimester 1 to post birth, there’s bound to be something in here that you may not have thought of before, which come in handy down the line.


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